Wendel Provides Energy Relief for New York City Schools

Wendel was recently prequalified by the NYC School Construction Authority (NYCSCA) to provide energy conservation measures and new energy sources for New York City’s public school buildings. 

Four city school projects are currently in the design phase.  Each school presents a unique challenge and the team is hard at work designing optimum solutions. 

One project stands out as a challenge - the PS90 Edna Cohen School in Brooklyn.  This 47-year old school offers the opportunity to reduce energy consumption in the building.  However, this project also addresses the highly controversial issue facing the NYC Board of Education and NYC SCA in connection with PCB ballasts and asbestos wiring in the facility lighting system. 

Senior Wendel Project Manager Henry Perez reports: “We spent 3 months auditing the school to find the best way to save energy and reduce greenhouse gases.  With the design phase underway, the project team now faces additional challenges for the implementation and construction which is anticipated for Winter 2012/2013.”

Wendel will need to confront the issue of phasing environmentally sensitive construction associated with PCB and asbestos abatement in a fully occupied school during the normal school year.  This work will also need to be coordinated by the Wendel engineers to address the construction activities of multiple trades and contract obligations associated with the SCA Project Labor Agreement (PLA) and NYC Department of Buildings.

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